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Living the Dream

On the in-between days when the sun is shining high in the sky and you are in your element, you bask in your decision to buy your vacation property, relishing in the differences from your everyday life at ‘home’.


Figuring it Out

In the excitement of buying your second or maybe even third home, you didn't really give a lot of thought to managing them; you knew you would ‘figure it out’ as you went. Owning (and living in) multiple properties is a luxury, but managing them can quickly become a chore! And likely more than you bargained for!

It’s one thing to track down service providers in your home town, where you have a network of family, friends and maybe co-workers who you can rely on for a solid referral. And at least at 'home' (your other home that is), if you can't find someone, you can probably guilt a friend or adult child into helping you. But it’s a whole different ballgame in a new town! Search. Read reviews. Call. Leave a message. Wait for a call back. Rinse and Repeat. As I tend to say, "who's got time for that shit?". And even if you 'have time' is that how you want to spend your time?

We know you have better things to do! Hell, the lake has been calling your name well before your arrival!!


Living your life on purpose

We also know that life isn’t just about taking care of what needs to be done; you’ve done plenty of that up till now. No, life is for living… on purpose. Doing what you want, when you want and not having to worry about the rest.

What if you could have things taken care of at home AND your vacation property- with one call, from one provider who you know, like and trust? What would that mean for you?

I’d be willing to bet it would mean less frustration, less stress and more time with family and friends. More time to do the things you dreamed of doing when you bought your home.

Simplifying Dual-City Living

In a recent workshop put on by Urban Errands, we discussed the four pillars of property and lifestyle management: Covering your ASSets: Insurance Considerations, Protecting your ASSets: Home Security, Looking out for your ASSets: Service Providers and Best use of your ASSets: Lifestyle Management. We brought in industry experts to talk in detail about how to identify and mitigate some of the biggest risks associated with managing multiple properties and having properties that sit vacant for extended periods.

Besides some great interactive learning, participants went away with a workbook serving as a House Manual they can keep on-hand so they have all the information they need about each of their properties at their finger tips. Click here for your copy!

Join our online community to stay up to date on future workshops!


The One

So while having one service provider for all your needs sounds almost too good to be true… I’m here to tell you that’s exactly what we do!! Through a combination of direct delivery and coordination of third-party services, we are your one call. If that’s not convenient, I don’t know what is?!

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