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{Hu}Man’s Best Friend

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to go down the cat video rabbit hole every now and then. It doesn’t even have to be kittens. The other day, I watched a puppy and some ducklings toodle down the road together. Rolling pandas gets me every time, and there may have been a day in recent months where I spent longer than I should admit, watching billy goats in pajamas! I’m sure my parents thought I would outgrow my Elmyra phase, but it appears not. Its astonishing really, that we have just one pet!

Daisy-May and Sheri-Rae

Ok, two if you count Axel, the leopard gecko. But really, he belongs to my son. I just happen to feed him (meal worms! ewwww) and clean his tank. And pretty much keep him alive. There was a time I also had to bathe him, syringe feed him, and put eye drops in his eyes daily (it was touch and go for awhile, but he’s better now). I’ve told my son on more than one occasion that he is lucky I love as much as I do. (When Axel first joined the household, I referred to him as the creepy crawly – reptiles have never been my thing). Long story long. I love animals.

I know it didn’t take a global pandemic for the world to discover their love of animals too. But it was amplified in a big way when all of a sudden people found themselves isolated from… everyone. They quickly filled the gap with animals. To pet and love and cherish and squeeeeeeze…

New Puppy

Our Hands (and Hearts Are Full)

After losing two senior pets in 18-months (one just prior to, and one in the middle of the pandemic), to say we were all in need of a little sunshine in our lives is an understatement. When we were ready to welcome a new furry friend, we went in with our eyes wide open, knowing full-well what was in store. (Ok, to be 100% honest, it’s a little like having babies.. after 15 years you kinda forget how much work they are in the beginning, but once you commit, you just hope you can get through the first few months!). In April, we welcomed Jules, a feisty little miniature schnauzer, to our family. She is full of ‘piss and vinegar’ as my mum would say and she brings immeasurable joy to our home!


A Learning Experience (for all of us!)

The joy has been well balanced with testing limits and patience! We’re (mostly) past the shoe-chewing stage and onto digging in the garbage. She usually leaves a stuffy behind so as to clear up any doubt of who the culprit was. Thanks to pee-proof floors, coffee and pocketful's of puppy treats we’ve made it through relatively unscathed, though I can’t say the same for a few baseboards. It pays to have a carpenter on speed-dial!

Bad Dog
Mischievous Puppy

I don’t think our experience is unique. I can’t tell you how many people I know, or know of (thanks Facebook), who have a new furry friend at home. And while the world re—opens, (albeit slowly and in stages) being a new pet owner is about to get more complicated.


The Step Between

Cuddles and schlecks aside, being a pet-parent comes with responsibility. There’s a reason it’s the step between house plants and children. Being a pet-parent means putting their needs before your own and doing what is best for them, regardless of how inconvenient it may be for you.


Here For You When You Need Us

We know you love your pet - and we love pets too! So, while you might not always be able to be there when you pet needs you, we’re here for you (and them) in whatever ways you need. We may be biased, but we think that's a pretty close second.

Sheri & Keela
Happy 100th Birthday Keela!

In Memory of Keela

(aka: Keelers-Peelers, Keelers, Barky von Schnauzer)


I didn't realize how ancient she looked till Jules came on scene.

In this photo we were celebrating Keela's 100th birthday (in dog years).

We loved her so much.

Prissy Kitty

In Memory of Shelby

(aka: Shelber-delber doo's, Doo's Shelber's)


She was Miss Priss. Everything was on her terms, always. She came to you when she wanted you or not at all. - I think we all have a scar somewhere to remind us of that.

She loved to lounge and look out the window. She wasn't agile.. but she was beautiful!!

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