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Help, when you need it.


We refer to what we do as concierge services but the actual service can be anything from house cleaning to grocery shopping, laundry service to meal prep, errand running to moving assistance and so much more! Regardless of what you call them, we help people at all different ages and stages.



Thinking about your own life for a moment, when have you found yourself in most need of help? Likely it has been when you are going through some kind of transition!

Google “moving” and you’ll find article after article about the emotional impact of moving. I don’t think you have to google “marriage” or “having a baby” to appreciate the impact those events/transitions can have on you.

Maybe due to my background in Human Resources, I wasn’t surprised to find that retirement also has its own ‘stages’ or ‘journey’ but I don’t think that one is as commonly known.



The point is, all of these events take a significant toll on you emotionally; they create feelings of excitement, uncertainty, happiness, fear (often all at the same time!). In a perfect world, we would be able to compartmentalize those feelings and set them aside while moving on to the productive work that needs doing. But, if you’re human (and I’m assuming you are), you probably scoffed, (much like I did) at the very idea.

One of the biggest stressors of these periods of transition aside from the change itself is that it is usually accompanied with some sort of financial impact and a bunch of work before, during or after the “event”! For already busy people (and who isn’t busy these days?!), having more to do adds instant pressure.



So, what do you do when you have too much to do? Do you ask for help? Many people don’t. Personally, this is a weakness of mine too! I’d rather suffer than inconvenience someone else. While I am getting better at that, I know I am not alone in that crazy way of thinking!

Then there’s those who would ask for help – but don’t have anyone to ask! This is a common issue for “transplants” (people who settle in a city other than where they are from). If you don’t have family in town and you haven’t made any friends close enough who you can ask for help, what do you do?

Lots of people suffer through (like I have), but sometimes that’s not even an option! Sometimes you legitimately just need help. – And, then what. Who do you call?

As an already busy, now even more stressed-out person, where do you start to try to find help for the variety of things you need? Do you go to your local classified site? Scour Facebook Marketplace? Take a chance on the semi-sketchy neighbour next door? (No judgement, we’ve all been there at one time or another!).



The bottom-line is, we created this company with you in mind. Ok, that’s a bit of a white lie. We created this company with us in mind. Or, I should say, a desire to serve people like us. Like…YOU!

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